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It is also a beautiful movement when paired with Breitling Avenger Replica's "Magic Lever", an ultra-efficient automatic winding system. Or, when executed with the most stunningly beautiful internal angles and hand bevels, as seen in the calibre 9R02, which was used to create the SBGZ001 last year, a tribute to the Spring Drive's 20th Anniversary, complete with engraved dial and case. How does it actually work? The power is stored in an old-fashioned barrel, and then transferred through a gear train.Breitling Avenger Replica Breitling Avenger Replica's "Tri-Synchro regulator" replaces the escapement wheel and Swiss anchor that are found in 99 percent watches around the world.

Limited to 30 pieces, the manual 3.5-Day Spring Drive Caliber 9402 powers the 2019 Breitling Avenger Replica 20th Anniversary Of Spring Drive in platinum. SBGZ001 Breitling Avenger Replica Image

Tri Synchro Regulator has 3 main components:

Quartz Oscillator: generate frequency

Integrated Circuit – calculate the time based on the frequency, and control the electric current to pass through the electromagnetic coil

Glide Wheel: This wheel is controlled by an electro-magnetic coil and connects the Tri-Synchron regulator to the traditional wheel train. It turns at 8 times per minute.

What does it mean? Tri refers to three different types of forces that are at play in the regulating mechanism. The first force is magnetic and relates to the glidewheel.Franck Muller replica watches The second type is mechanical and comes from the mainspring, down the gear train. The third one is related to electrical components, such as the quartz crystal oscillator.

This is how it all works: the last wheel of the train is called the glide wheel. The glide wheel is attached to two magnets and rotates between them. The coil converts magnetic energy into electrical energy. This energy is then sent to an oscillator and integrated circuit. The integrated circuit counts how many oscillations are made by the quartz and then sends energy to the electromagnets. These electromagnets in turn exert magnetic brake force on the glidewheel